21 Jan 2019

Solomons' proposed wage hike marred by lack of consultation

3:38 pm on 21 January 2019

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry is disappointed at the lack of consultation around plans to double the country's minimum wage.

Solomon's Justice Minister, William Marau

William Marau Photo: Solomon Islands Parliament

In December the caretaker minister of commerce William Marau told parliament the national minimum wage would be increased from 50 US cents an hour to $US1 an hour.

The Chamber's chief executive Atenasi Ata said an increase was overdue but the government has failed to follow the legal wage review process.

She said any change should be managed by the Labour Advisory Board, which was required by law to consult with all parties.

She said there was concern from chamber members a doubling of the wage would cause hardship for smaller businesses especially in the provinces.

The Chamber would be making the most of an abbreviated timeframe provided for submissions to the board, despite them being consultations after the fact, Atenasi Ata said.

The national minimum wage was last raised in 2008.

The Chamber of Commerce is also concerned about the low tax exemption threshold for low-income earners.

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