20 Dec 2018

Families on Vanuatu's Ambrym moved because of tremors

5:42 pm on 20 December 2018

Disaster authorities in Vanuatu are moving more than 70 families from the south eastern side of Ambrym as their villages continue to be shaken by volcanic eruptions and associated tremors.

A hut on the south eastern side of Ambryn

A hut on the south eastern side of Ambryn Photo: Facebook/ Nak Media Vanuatu

Pictures posted on social media show major damage to houses and huge cracks in the earth.

The National Disaster Management Office said local authorities are working on relocating those worst affected to safer parts of the island.

NDMO director Shadrack Welegtabit said if the situation worsens then Malekula Island would be the first option for a larger evacuation.

"Should anything happen we are looking at a possible movement of people from the danger area to a less danger area. Probably on the island or on another island. We have the option of moving people to, the closest island now is Malekula."

Shadrack Welegtabit said more than 7,000 people live on Ambrym and just over 1,600 live in what he describes as the "danger area".

A man outside a house on Ambrym

Photo: Facebook/ Nak Media Vanuatu