26 Nov 2018

New Caledonia's UPM also wants more independence votes

2:58 pm on 26 November 2018

Another pro-independence party in New Caledonia has come out in favour of adhering to the Noumea Accord and another vote on attaining full sovereignty from France.

FLNKS spokesperson Victor Tutugoro

Victor Tutugoro. Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

The UPM said any change now would unbalance the accord, which offers two more constitutionally guaranteed independence referendums by 2022 as part of its emancipation process for New Caledonia.

The party rejected suggestions that next month's planned discussions in Paris, involving the French government and the pro and anti-independence leaders, should focus on the economy.

The UPM head Victor Tutugoro said the signatories to the Noumea Accord had a defined mandate, and economic matters, such as the nickel sector, were now in New Caledonia's domain.

After their win in this month's referendum, the anti-independence parties do not want more such votes, warning that continued political uncertainty could harm investment.

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