24 Nov 2018

Mass arrest in New Caledonia over road attack

3:28 pm on 24 November 2018

There has been a mass arrest in New Caledonia over violent incidents south of Noumea two days after this month's independence referendum.

Media reports say 15 people were taken into custody for stoning private and police vehicles near La Coulee.

The prosecutor is quoted as saying two of the men have been immediately tried and jailed for 16 and 22 months respectively.

Four others have been remanded until their trial on 18 December while six others have been sentenced to community work.

New Caledonia jail

New Caledonia jail Photo: RNZI/Walter Zweifel

In the referendum aftermath, there were also two days of clashes at another place south of Noumea, which prompted the main road near St Louis to be closed for two days.

North of Noumea, six men were arrested for stoning vehicles after the referendum weekend.

One of them has since been charged with attempting to kill police officers after firing a gun at them.