Most of latest Manus refugee group rejected by US

10:54 am on 8 November 2018

Seventy-two percent of Manus Island refugees in the latest group applying for resettlement in the United States have been rejected.

Manus Island refugees protest at West Lorengau Haus.

Manus Island refugees protest at West Lorengau Haus. Photo: supplied

Only nine of 32 were accepted - four Rohingyans, three Afghans, one Tamil and two Pakistanis.

The only Iranian in the group was rejected, which has been the pattern since US re-settlement started.

The Refugee Action Coalition said a total of 467 refugees - 300 from Nauru and 167 from Manus - have so far been resettled in the US.

It said about 20 Manus refugees are in Port Moresby waiting to go, and a similar number are waiting in Nauru.

But this leaves about 1200 people still in Australian offshore detention with no resettlement options.

Under the resettlement deal struck in 2016, the US agreed to take up to 1250 of the refugees.

The coalition's Ian Rintoul said it was ludicrous for the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to continue to say his government was relying on the US deal.

New Zealand has offered to resettle 150 of the refugees each year but Australia has refused to take up the offer since it was first made in 2013, arguing it would create a back door for the refugees to enter Australia.

Refugees removed from Port Moresby for APEC

Meanwhile, Papua New Guinea police have confirmed that 21 refugees in Port Moresby for medical treatment were returned to Manus as part of security preparations for next week's APEC Leaders' Summit.

The Manus Provincial Police Commander David Yapu said 16 of the 21 refugees were flown to Manus last Friday before five more were sent back on Saturday.

Mr Yapu said the 21 refugees are now in the East Lorengau Transit Centre.

About 600 refugees are spread across three centres on the island.

Mr Yapu said 20 more refugees in Port Moresby will be flown back to Manus on Thursday or Friday this week.

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