1 Nov 2018

Fiji women not following up after cancer treatment – report

12:08 pm on 1 November 2018

A report shows that nearly half of women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer in Fiji are not following up with further medical care.

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The report, realsed by the the Fiji Women's Rights Movement, also said such cancers were among the top five causes of death for women there.

Researcher Laisa Bulatale said women were not going for treatment either due to fear and that they received often caused concern.

"There is also an attitudinal barrier within the Ministry of Health and also service providers, especially for the first contact, when women come into the health centres or hospitals. There have been instances where women have stated that the way that the nurses attend to them is a turn off."

She said a preference for traditional medicines was also an issue.

"Breast and Cervical Cancer were and still are among the top five causes of death for women in the country overall. Late presentation has been a significant issue. Women are still presenting themselves late despite the awareness raising and the roadshows that the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Fiji Cancer Society has done."

Laisa Bulatale said ensuring that competent services, screening and treatment are available to all women is a step to addressing the issues highlighted.