18 Oct 2018

Wallis and Futuna hit by public sector strikes

4:35 pm on 18 October 2018

Reports from Wallis and Futuna say the territorial guards have suspended their planned strike for a second time.

Local television reports that the guards again put off their threatened strike to have a teleconference with the police head office in Paris.

They are embroiled in a dispute, wanting to be integrated into the French public service under the so-called Sauvadet  law.

Senior public sector staff are meanwhile in their fifth week of strike action.

The public servants' union has alleged discrimination and has taken the French prefect to court, but he says there is a process to follow.

Firefighters have also been on strike for nearly a month, demanding better conditions.

Public sector strike awaits resolution

Public sector strike awaits resolution Photo: France TV Wallis et Futuna