2 Oct 2018

Claims of bullying culture at Pacific arts trust

10:08 am on 2 October 2018

Former staff of a Pacific arts trust in New Zealand have described a culture of workplace bullying and personal grievances payouts.

Tautai arts trust logo

Photo: Supplied

The events in the Auckland-based Tautai have sparked an outcry against its board, which saw several members exit in last month's election.

Two former Tautai staff, requesting anonymity, said over the past year they and one other employee left because they were bullied by Christina Jeffrey, the former general manager.

Ms Jeffrey denied the allegations and all wrongdoing.

Personal grievances payments over Ms Jeffery's actions have been made to at least two former staff by Tautai.

That her husband, Colin Jeffery, remains as the trust's treasurer and facilitated grievances payments has raised ire with members.

The chair of Tautai's board, Janet Lilo, said the board is confident there are no substantive issues.