28 Sep 2018

Recent rain not enough to break Fiji's dry spell

1:49 pm on 28 September 2018

The director of Fiji's meteorological service says a recent bout of heavy rain has not been enough to break a dry spell.

Dry creek bed

Photo: Supplied

Some parts of the country have gone months without heavy rain, and water supplies have been drying up in some areas.

Farmers have complained that some animals have died, and others have had to be sold as they run out of feed.

Some towns have had to have water delivered.

Meteorologist Ravind Kumar says heavy rain this week is welcome, but not enough.

"The rains that we have received [have] dampened the effect of the dry spell. However, we still need more rain to actually overcome the deficiencies in rainfall that have accumulated over the past three or four months."

Ravind Kumar said further rain can be expected as the dry season starts to end.