25 Sep 2018

American Samoa tuna workers receive $US37K in unpaid overtime

10:01 am on 25 September 2018

An American Samoa-based company has had to pay over $US37,000 in overtime to workers after it was found that they had failed to fulfil their requirements under the labour law.

Purse Seine fishing

A purse seine fishing boat Photo: Supplied

A US Department of Labor spokesperson says 129 current and former employees of Purse Seine Samoa have now been paid after the firm had initially failed to pay mandatory overtime for work in excess of 40 hours per week.

The department said several issues were identified, including that most of the wages owed resulted from the firm's practice of classifying its temporary work force as independent contractors.

Workers are now considered hourly employees of Purse Seine Samoa so they will receive their overtime entitlements.

The firm has also reclassified its salaried non-exempt staff as hourly workers to meet requirements.