12 Sep 2018

'Veil of silence' on Samoa's domestic violence

6:35 pm on 12 September 2018

A commission of inquiry in Samoa has recommended the government set up a special office to combat domestic violence.

domestic violence, abuse

Photo: eakmoto/123RF

The commission has criticised the government and the church for not doing enough so far.

The setting up of a Family Violence Prevention Office is the lead recommendation, out of 39, made in a report released by the commission today.

The report found that nine out of ten people experience violence in the home in Samoa.

Six out of ten women experience intimate partner violence and one in five is raped.

The report said government has done too little in the past to combat the scourge and recommends it takes the lead to develop violence prevention strategies through the new office.

The report also said traditional village councils and the church have been complicit in maintaining the veil of silence on the issue.

It recommended these two institutions provide support for a government led strategy.

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