Typhoon-hit CNMI asks US for emergency declaration

11:33 am on 11 September 2018

The governor of the Northern Marianas has made a request to the US President to declare a state of emergency in the Commonwealth now that Typhoon Mangkhut has passed through the islands.

Ralph Torres sent the request to Donald Trump overnight as the storm passed over the island of Rota.

CNMI Governor Ralph Torres

CNMI Governor Ralph Torres Photo: CNMI Govt

Mr Torres said the heightened and erratic state of the storm threatened destruction and the impact could become catastrophic.

The statement said the worst conditions from Typhoon Mangkhut had passed but windshield assessments indicated significant damage on Rota and some damage on the islands of Saipan and Tinian.

The governor said the storm was of such severity and magnitude that an effective response was beyond the capabilities of the CNMI government and federal assistance was needed to save lives and protect property, health and safety.

Rota bore the brunt of Typhoon Mangkhut with the storm dumping up to 255mm of rain and winds of over 223 kilometres an hour hitting the CNMI's southern most island.

Over 600 people reportedly sought shelter in evacuation centres during the storm.

Government offices remain closed today.

Typhoon Warnings cancelled

With weather conditions rapidly improving across the CNMI and Guam, the National Weather Service has lifted typhoon warnings as the storm continues westward and away from the islands.

The service said tropical storm force conditions were no longer expected and the Typhoon Warnings for Guam, Rota, Tinian and Saipan had been canceled.

However lingering isolated showers, thunderstorms and breezy conditions were still expected throughout the day and the seas and surf remained hazardous.

Saipan experienced an island-wide power outage late yesterday and classes in public schools and Northern Marianas College remain cancelled.

Guam awakes to destruction as Typhoon passes

Residents in Guam awoke to flooding, strewn debris and downed power poles this morning after Typhoon Mangkhut passed the island.

The Pacific Daily News reported officals warning people not to go out onto the roads due to debris, loose power lines and other hazards.

Marine warnings with high surf conditions persist with people cautioned on ocean conditions until Thursday.

The power authority is working to restore outages and schools, government departments and the naval base are closed today.

The Saipan Tribune reports Rota, the southernmost island in the Northern Marianas, felt the brunt of Typhoon Mangkhut yesterday as it sliced through the region.

Over 600 people sheltered in centres overnight as the intense weather system dumped 255mm of rain and winds peaked at 223 kilometres per hour.