31 Jul 2018

Solomon Islands Anti-Corruption Act defective - Matthew Wale

9:31 am on 31 July 2018

The chairperson of the Bills and Legislation Committee in the Solomon Islands' parliament says the country's newly passed anti-corruption legislation is defective.

The Solomon Islands flag

The Solomon Islands flag Photo: RNZI

Matthew Wale has pointed to weak provisions on unjust enrichment, a clause allowing local customs to be used as a defence and a poor attempt to stop the act from being applied retrospectively.

Mr Wale said all point to a lack of political will to take a zero tolerance approach to corruption.

"The law is defective in a number of key areas. However it is I think a giant leap forward for Solomon Islands in terms of recognition of the problem of corruption and establishing mechanisms to substantively address it.

"And as we go along with experience I hope that governments will have the political will, the resolve to come back with further amendments and to strenghthen it."

Matthew Wale said recent drug shortages at hospitals and clinics across the country highlight how deeply the negative effects of corruption are felt by ordinary Solomon Islanders.

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