20 Jul 2018

Solomons anti-corruption bill to cast net wide

7:31 pm on 20 July 2018
Rick Hou the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands..

Rick Hou the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.. Photo: RNZ/Pacific Koroi Hawkins

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Rick Hou, has tabled an anti-corruption bill in parliament

The bill, which was withdrawn last year by Mr Hou's predecessor Manasseh Sogavare, aims to establish the framework for an independent commission against corruption.

Speaking in Parliament, Mr Hou said it was a historic day for the Solomon Islands people because they want the government to fight against corruption.

He said the bill is broad based because it targets both public officers and the private sector, including churches, schools and other organisations.

The prime minister said he had a problem with what he called the "narrow" definition of corruption as being the abuse of public office for private gain.

He described it as part of a widespread evil culture which was prevalent in the church, as well as private and and public sectors.