Annick Girardin defends French Polynesia institutional reforms

2:49 pm on 28 June 2018

The French overseas minister Annick Girardin has defended planned institutional reforms which are being challenged by French Polynesian politicians.

Annick Girardin

Annick Girardin Photo: AFP

One change would allow a French Polynesian president to serve more than two consecutive terms, which a French Polynesian member of the French National Assembly Moetai Brotherson says is a paradoxical move.

It also follows a French Polynesian assembly vote, unanimously rejecting such a plan.

Ms Girardin said the reform package was aimed at making government more efficient.

She said the reforms concern all Frenchmen people, and also apply to French Polynesia.

Earlier she rebuffed a French Polynesian member of the French Senate Lana Tetuanui who complained about planned cuts to the number of parliamentarians overseas territories can send to Paris.

Ms Girardin said the specifics of the territories are respected but there are issues where the national interest won't allow for that.

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