Tahiti's political parties speak out against French reforms

9:39 am on 22 June 2018

French Polynesia's political parties have spoken out against French reform plans which would cut the number of parliamentary representatives.

The plans by the French government for a more efficient administration also call for limits to the number of terms mayors can serve.

The Tapura Huiraatira's Lana Tetuanui

The Tapura Huiraatira's Lana Tetuanui Photo: AFP

A French Polynesian member of the French Senate representing the ruling Tapura Huiraatira party Lana Tetuanui says the plan amounts to a muzzling of democracy.

She said however she was pleased that the territory's representatives were unanimous in their opposition.

A pro-independence opposition politician Antony Geros said France should not interfere in local politics, referring to the repeated reelection of Oscar Temaru as the mayor of Faaa.

As such a reform would supersede French Polynesian rules for the top job, Edouard Fritch could become eligible to run for the presidency again in 2023.

He had earlier said the current term was his last one.