21 May 2018

Project to help deaf people in Pacific gets US funding

11:44 am on 21 May 2018

A youth-led project to empower deaf communities in the Pacific region has been granted US funding to further their need for equality.

Smiling Young Mother Learning Sign Language To Talk With Her Hearing Impairment Daughter

Photo: Andrey Popov/ 123rf

This capacity building project is aimed at assisting deaf communities in both Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

One of the project leaders, Krishneer Sen, who used sign language to explain his views, wants deaf people to get the same opportunities as everybody else.

According to him, they want a collective organisation for deaf communities in the region.

He said their research project would help ensure people with disabilities could exercise their rights,so no one would be left behind in society.

"We'd also would like to collect data and this will be an opportunity to meet with the deaf community out there in the rural outer islands as well as in the town areas.

"This is a great opportunity for us to go out and do something that we feel strongly about, and that is in collecting data to be able to advocate to government on the issues pertaining to our community."

The pair received US funding from the Pacific Youth Leadership grant.