27 Apr 2018

Pro-French march planned for New Caledonia

1:03 pm on 27 April 2018

A pro-French march has been called in New Caledonia for next Friday to coincide with a visit of the French president Emmanuel Macron.

People take part in a demonstration on April 24, 2015 in Noumea, New-Caledonia, called by two right wing UMP affiliated parties to codemn the French Governemnt policy about New-Caledonia forced march towards independance.

Right-wing parties rally in Noumea against New Caledonia's possible independence and the Socialist government in France Photo: AFP

The so-called blue-white-red march in central Noumea is being organised by some anti-independence parties to show the president that most New Caledonians want to stay French.

A referendum on independence from France is to be held on November 4.

Anti-independence politician Sonia Backes said many elements of Mr Macron's visit focused on the identity of the indigenous Kanak people, such as the customary Senate and the Tjibaou centre.

He would also travel to Ouvea to the tomb of the 19 Kanaks shot dead during the 1988 hostage crisis, she said.

Another politician, Gil Brial, told the local public broadcaster they want all Caledonians whose heart beats for France to show Mr Macron and the rest of France that they want to stay with the republic.

Mr Macron is due on Thursday.

During his visit, he is also set to address the Pacific Community (SPC) which is headquartered in Noumea.

His predecessor, Francois Hollande, also visited New Caledonia and addressed the SPC.

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