21 Mar 2018

Volcanic ash ongoing hazard in Vanuatu

1:56 pm on 21 March 2018

Thousands of people in Vanuatu's West Ambae are being forced to use umbrellas when they go outside because of constant ash fall from the island's Manaro volcano.

Vanuatu struggling with Ambae mass evacuation

Vanuatu struggling with Ambae mass evacuation Photo: RNZ / YouTube

The volcano had forced the compulsory evacuation of the island's 11,000 people last December.

Speaking from his village in West Ambae, Chief Zacchaeus said all the crops they have planted on their return after the evacuation have been ruined and the environment looks as if a cyclone has passed through.

He said all drinking water in wells and tanks is covered, and roof tops are covered in ash and pebbles.

He also said the biggest problem is food for their goats and cattle as the grass is covered in ash.

The Daily Post Newspaper reported that the Ambae Disaster Committee is expected to call an emergency meeting to discuss ways to help their people.

A former committee member said some emergency food supplies provided by local businesses in Port Vila after the first eruption, will most likely be shipped to Ambae.

The Government has yet to respond to the situation.

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