5 Feb 2018

USP has 'helped foster relationships across Pacific'

4:12 pm on 5 February 2018

A veteran teacher at the University of the South Pacific says the way students mix with people across the region, and develop relationships, is one of the institution's great achievements.

USP's Suva campus

USP's Suva campus Photo: wikicommons

The USP, which is owned by the island nations in the Pacific, is marking 50 years since it opened its doors in 1968.

Emeritus geography professor, Randy Thaman, has taught there since 1974.

He said the USP had been very successful in providing education to the region, and part of the reason for that is it brings together students from the 12 member countries.

"You almost have a USP Mafia. I say that in a good way although sometimes it can be bad, that have these relationships built up over 40 years or so. For example in the time I have been here I have probably taught five or six PMs and presidents of countries and they all have relationships with each other."