5 Feb 2018

New Caledonia's FLNKS chooses Goa as new spokesman

4:11 pm on 5 February 2018

A weekend Congress of New Caledonia's pro-independence FLNKS movement has failed to elect a nominal president as the territory gears up for this year's independence referendum.

The FLNKS flag

Photo: RNZI/ Johnny Blades

The movement, which is made up four parties, failed to agree unanimously on who should be the person to fill the leadership vacancy.

At its meeting in Poum in the far north of the main island, the delegates agreed to appoint Daniel Goa as the FLNKS spokesman.

Mr Goa is the president of the Caledonian Union, which is a main party within the FLNKS.

The Congress was held amid calls for unity, with a senior Caledonian Union member saying the goal of attaining full independence requires it to put aside internal quarrels.

The Palika Party has suggested seeking independence in a partnership with France, while the Caledonian Union wants to regain full sovereignty.

The referendum question has not been worded yet.

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