26 Jan 2018

Fiji Opposition says teachers demoralised over reforms

4:46 pm on 26 January 2018

An opposition MP in Fiji says reforms in the education sector are harming teachers' career progression.

A young man in a classroom, writing, in a file photo to illustrate foreign students.

Photo: 123RF

The government is introducing merit-based compensation for teachers, with staff undergoing job evaluations.

The government has denied rumours teachers will receive pay decreases.

But the Shadow Education Minister Mikaele Leawere said he knows of teachers who had been promoted without their salaries increasing.

"He found out that the salary was less than the one that he had just left, which should not be. In terms of the salary in the schools, in terms of the positions in the schools, the post-holder has to relinquish or maybe come down a level and then he acts on the post that he was confirmed in."

Mikaele Lewere said teachers were also having their jobs re-advertised, with little chance of contract renewals.

Mr Leawere said teachers were demoralised and unhappy with the reforms.

His comments came as reports emerged that some schools were operating with fewer teachers this year.

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