19 Jan 2018

Vanuatu police urge parents to keep eye on children's online activities

9:20 am on 19 January 2018

Vanuatu's Cyber Safety Police Officer has appealed to parents to supervise their children's online activities.

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Photo: pexels

Jeff Natapei said while electronics technology has made many activities easier and faster, there was a dangerous side to it.

He has warned about members of the online community who use fake accounts for criminal purposes to abuse or defraud people.

According to Mr Natapei, children were especially at risk, and parents should supervise their children on the best use of mobile phones and social media.

The government recently ordered a nationwide consultation concerning its proposed Cyber Safety Bill.

The bill provides guidelines on acceptable online conduct and exchanges.

Mr Natapei said once passed, the legislation will be strictly adhered to, and all online users who break the law will be prosecuted.