26 Oct 2017

Fines start in Honolulu for distracted pedestrians

3:48 pm on 26 October 2017
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Photo: snedorez/123RF

People in Honolulu can be fined from now on if they look at their phone while crossing the road.

The new law makes it illegal for pedestrians to look at a cellphone or other electronic device while crossing a street or highway on O'ahu.

Penalties start from US$15 for the first offence and repeat offenders can be fined up to $99.

The city and county authorities say since the law was signed off in July the police have been busy educating people about the dangers of crossing roads while distracted.

The National Safety Council said between 2000 and 2011 there were about 11-thousand injuries in the US due to pedestrians being distracted while using cell phones.