19 Oct 2017

New Caledonia domestic violence "spectacularly" high

2:21 pm on 19 October 2017

Fresh crime figures for New Caledonia show that break-ins and car thefts are declining but that domestic violence and youth offending is increasing.

The figures for this year so far were presented by the public prosecutor and the French High Commissioner, Thierry Lataste, who is responsible for public safety in the territory.

They show that despite the drop in some categories, the incidence of offending is still higher than in France.

Youth crime has grown and accounts for a quarter of all reported offending.

The prosecutor said domestic violence is spectacularly high and while it remains largely unreported, every weekend half a dozen arrests are made for very serious assaults.

Mr Lataste said to prevent crime, more police have been brought in from France this year, with staffing levels now 20 percent higher than the national French average.