5 Oct 2017

Call for Samoans to speak out about domestic violence

7:16 pm on 5 October 2017

A Samoan woman, whose video of a domestic violence incident went viral, is hoping a national inquiry will change people's behaviour.

Domestic violence

Photo: 123RF

Zita Martel was driving in Samoa when she saw a man assaulting his wife in another car.

She said the man told her it was none of her business, as the woman was his wife, while another adult, who was accompanied by children, witnessed the assault and just laughed.

Ms Martel said she called the police and got the woman to safety but was so concerned she posted about what she saw on social media.

"She is just literally just petrified and well all her face is all bruised and bleeding as he'd been doing this for sometime in the car. So that's the incident that got me involved in this and it just so happens that the same week was an inquiry on domestic violence going on in Samoa. "

Zita Martel said silence around domestic violence must end.

She said the video she posted on social media has been viewed more than half a million times in two weeks.

A Commision of Inquiry into Family Violence is currently being conducted in Samoa.

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