5 Sep 2017

Fiji's public servants upset with new contracts, says union

1:11 pm on 5 September 2017

The head of Fiji's public service union Rajeshwar Singh says members' job security is threatened by new contracts which he says have been foisted upon public servants.

fiji flag at parliament

Photo: RNZI/ Sally Round

The government said its public service reforms, which were started after the 2006 coup, were aimed at improving transparency and promoting appointments based on merit.

On Friday, it announced an increase in overtime and meal allowances, which went from $US9 to $US20.

But Mr Singh said the increase was a cynical attempt to compensate for the unpopular reforms, including the new fixed-term contracts.

"Those civil servants who were on tenure or were on permanent status have been told to accept the new contracts. All the contracts have been given one to two years, so the public sector unions are saying that there is no career path in the civil service [and] the terms will not help anybody - there is no job security."

Rajeshwar Singh said many of his members were upset with the new contracts, but have had little choice but to sign.