24 Aug 2017

Pacific Fusion Fashion show heads to culture capital of south Auckland

1:16 pm on 24 August 2017

The Pacific Fusion Fashion show will be the first fashion event to be held at south Auckland's Otara Town Centre.

Fashion designer stylist Nora Swann

Fashion designer stylist Nora Swann Photo: RNZ Pacific / Sela Jane Hopgood

The competition showcase will feature 11 emerging Pacific and Maori designers from New Zealand, Samoa, Australia and the US.

Event designer Nora Swann says the event is a chance for Pacific and Maori designers to create high fashion pieces.

"Traditional Pacific fashion, that's still us, you know, we're proud of that, but at the same time, there's this exciting new Pacific designer that's coming through. This designer has inspirations not only connected to our culture, traditions and beliefs, things like that, but there's also the western influence, so that's why we created Pacific Fusion because it's got both Pacific and the western influences combined as one."

The Pacific Fusion Fashion kicks off this Saturday 26 August at 6:30pm.