18 Aug 2017

Tokelauan elder says Nicholson's removal improper

11:49 am on 18 August 2017

A member of Tokelau's Taupulega, or council of elders, says the decision to remove the administrator David Nicholson from his position was made without proper approval.

Mr Nicholson's role was recently shifted back to Wellington at the request of Tokelau's Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau in Apia.

David Nicholson

David Nicholson Photo: Tokelau government

However, Fakaofo Taupulega Representative Tinielu Tuumuli said the council disagreed with the move but had been overruled by the Ulu Siopili Perez.

"Everything was confused and misused by the Ongoing Government. Because at the end of the day, the Taupulega will ask: who made this decision?" said Mr Tuumuli.

Mr Tuumuli said it wasn't fair for an appointment made by the former Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully to be undermined by the council.

He said historically the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had involved the Taupulega in decision-making processes but had neglected to in this instance.

The Taupulega is made up of elected representatives from each of Tokelau's three atolls and is the ultimate authority under its constitution.

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