PNG's next parliament will feature no female MPs

11:30 am on 26 July 2017

The last main hope for a woman MP in Papua New Guinea's new parliament has been extinguished.

PNG Minister Delilah Gore.

PNG Minister Delilah Gore. Photo: PNG TREASURY

In latest election results, Delilah Gore, has been ousted in the Sohe seat in Oro province.

The former People's National Congress government minister was leading after the primary vote count before being defeated on preference vote distribution by Independent candidate, Henry Jons Amuli.

Ms Gore was one of three women in PNG's 111-seat parliament in the last term - all three have lost their seats in this election.

No other female candidates are expected to win any of the remaining seats.

Meanwhile, the incumbent provincial governor, Gary Juffa, won by a big margin in the Oro Regional Seat.

In Oro's other seat, Richard Masere of the National Alliance was declared as member elect for Ijivitari Open.

Across in Gulf Province, the PNG Country Party candidate Chris Haiveta had been declared the MP, marking a return to parliament.

In the other two National Alliance candidate Richard Mendani was declared the Member-elect for Kerema Open.

And Soroi Eoe, a PNG National Party candidate, is the new MP in Kikori, ousting sitting Member, Mark Maipakai.

As vote counting heads towards the return of writs deadline on this Friday, the shape of parliament is still in flux.

Results in some volatile Highlands seats are yet to finalised.

In recent days there have been protests in the Western highlands capital Mt Hagen over the declaration of sitting MP, William Duma.

Protestors crowded the town's streets calling on the Electoral Commission to account for what they say is an illegal early declaration of William Duma with dozens of ballot boxes still left to count.

The protests have sparked fighting and disorder which have forced a closure of businesses and disruptions to air travel in and out of Hagen's Kagamuga airport.