29 Jun 2017

Hopes Fiji medical supplies shortage will end soon

8:17 pm on 29 June 2017

The acting director of one of Fiji's main hospitals says a lasting solution to regular drug and supply shortages will hopefully be reached soon.

The country's hospitals are currently facing a shortage of medicines and consumables.

The government said the shortage was not major, and supplies were being shuffled between hospitals to cope until supplies arrive from overseas.

Acting director of Suva's Colonial Memorial Hospital, James Fong, said Fiji, like many Pacific countries, was regularly hit by shortages.

"It's not big secret that we've always had a problem with a consistent supply of consumables and drugs. But what has happened also is that there's been a thorough review of all our processes. This will be sorted out. I do know that it will be sorted out but I can't tell you how it will be sorted out."

Dr Fong said he hoped the new measures, which should be announced in the coming months, will ease the problem of shortages.