12 Jun 2017

USP head says ocean is a matter of survival for Pacific

8:42 am on 12 June 2017

The University of the South Pacific's Vice Chancellor says the Pacific Ocean is not just important to the Pacific Islands, it is a matter of survival and a dignified existence.

Professor Rajesh Chandra made the comment during a meeting in New York to discuss developing regional modes for capacity building and the transfer of marine technology using data-based reporting.

USP Vice Chancellor, Rajesh Chandra

USP Vice Chancellor, Rajesh Chandra Photo: USP

He stated that as an Oceanic University, the Pacific Ocean is therefore vital to the students, USP alumni, to the Pacific Islands governments that own the University, and to all its other stakeholders.

Acknowledging the Chair and organisers of the event, Professor Chandra said he was grateful for the opportunity given the importance of capacity building to enabling both implementation of initiatives and for monitoring, and given the centrality of USP in higher and tertiary education, research and policy work in the Pacific Islands.

The USP is one of two regional Universities in the world, with 14 campuses located in 12 Pacific Islands Counties.