US Labor, contractor reach agreement in CNMI

8:54 am on 11 May 2017

The Gold Mantis Construction Decoration company and the US Department of Labor have reached a settlement on unpaid wages and other issues brought forward by workers that the company brought into the Northern Marianas to build the Imperial Pacific Resort

The workers, who entered the CNMI illegally as tourists, staged several protest rallies last month.

Under the agreement, Gold Mantis offered a down payment of $US1,600 for each worker upon leaving Saipan.

The workers were also promised a single payment of between $US10,000 to $US20,000, depending on how long they've been working for Gold Mantis,

The money will be deposited directly into their Chinese bank accounts with the gross payments subject to local tax deductions.

Other demands including Gold Mantis paying the promised rate of $6.55 per hour, the return of deducted expenses and plane tickets home were also part of the agreement.