1 May 2017

Samoa meteorologist surprised at small number of cyclones

3:32 pm on 1 May 2017

A meteorologist in Samoa says having just two cyclones sweep through the Pacific region this summer is unprecedented and requires more in-depth analysis.

Powerlines down following tropical cyclone Amos

Photo: 350 Pacific

The cyclone season officially ended yesterday, after starting in November.

The region experienced high force cyclone winds and heavy rain during Cyclone Bart, that went through in February, and Cyclone Cook in April.

Assistant chief executive of meteorology Mulipola Ta'inau Ausetalia Titimaea said officials had predicted a lower number of tropical cyclones this time round after so many more the year before, but didn't expect so few.

"This is one of the issues that I will raise with New Zealand and Australian centers and also the National Climate and Environment Centre in Hawaii, that this is a unique season with just only two tropical cyclones that was developed for the whole region [and] in history, I have never come across a season as so quiet as this one."