26 Sep 2016

Senate needs to do more to keep people in Palau

3:34 pm on 26 September 2016

A senator in Palau says the senate needs to work harder to keep Palauans in Palau to stop it from being downsized.

Senator Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi (supplied)

Senator Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi (supplied) Photo: Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi

The senate is reapportioned every eight years and was this year set at 13 from 18.

But Senator Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi said that decision was challenged and the reapportionment commission further reduced the senate's members to 11 after assessing the number of Palauans migrating elsewhere.

She said many people are leaving because Palau is failing to provide enough homes and jobs.

"We have to make Palau a better place for Palauans to live then they don't have to migrate out of Palau so much that our senate is being reduced from 13 to 11."