15 Sep 2016

New helmet law in the Cooks will only apply to youth

5:11 am on 15 September 2016

A long-awaited, and contentious, law in the Cook Islands requiring under-25 year olds to wear helmets when on motorcycles will come into effect next month.

"Cook Islands Helmets Save Lives: FB campaign

Photo: Facebook - Cook Islands Helmets Save Lives

The Road Safety Council had been pushing for a law change requiring all motorcyclists to wear crash helmets since 2007.

Legislation was passed in 2008 to make helmets complusory, but it was later removed following a public backlash.

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Photo: Penina Momoisea

Since then, about 40 people had died as a result of motorcycle crashes -- nearly all of them were not wearing a helmet.

But the new measure, which will take effect from October 5th, will only apply to 16 to 25 year olds and no one else.

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