15 Aug 2016

Indonesia look to extend mining export permit

9:26 am on 15 August 2016

Indonesia's mining ministry has recommended that the international mining giant, Freeport-McMoran, be granted a new export permit, albeit for a shorter period than requested.

The company operates one of the world's largest copper mines in West Papua, and the new permit allows it to export copper concentrates until January.

Freeport-McMoran mine in West Papua.

Freeport-McMoran mine in West Papua. Photo: AFP PHOTO / OLIVIA RONDONUWU

Freeport had asked for a six-month permit.

Last February, shipments from the mine were halted for nearly two weeks before the government approved the company's just-expired permit.

The Indonesian government said it will ban all copper concentrate permits from January 2017 as it seeks to become a producer of finished goods, rather than an exporter of raw materials.