14 Jul 2016

American Samoa hospital funds used elsewhere - candidate

11:16 am on 14 July 2016

An American Samoa candidate for governor says the root of problems plaguing the LBJ hospital is the government not giving the federal funds earmarked for the territory's health facility.

Health, education and economic development are key topics that Faoa Aitofele Sunia and his running mate Larry Sanitoa discussed at their first town hall meeting held in Iliili.

Faoa explained that the US government provides about six million dollars annually for the hospital however when the money comes in, the Treasurer holds or sits on the money.

Faoa said it's delayed because someone tells the treasurer to hold it so it can be used to pay for other things

Mr Faoa is a former government treasurer and said when there's not enough money to meet payroll, the money for the hospital is used to cover pay cheques.

He said the effect of the hospital not getting money intended to cover costs, is that patients wait a long time for treatment or medication is not the best .

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