11 Jul 2016

Vanuatu bans right hand drive cars over safety concerns

4:08 pm on 11 July 2016

Vanuatu's Infrastructure and Public Utilities Minister, Jotham Napat, says his clampdown on right hand drive cars is for safety reasons.

Vanuatu traditionally has left hand drive cars and people drive on the right side of the road.

Mr Napat issued a ban on importing right drive cars, which had become a major factor with the large numbers of people returning from the New Zealand seasonal employment scheme.

He said the ban is about treating everyone equally.

"Basically for safety reasons. Because there is no control on the importations. It's unfair that you know if you say yes to some and no to others. Now the minister is sort of you know, has to give yes to importations."

Mr Napat said the ban may be temporary and the government in the future could get rid of left hand drive cars.