16 Jun 2016

Tongan MP wants pay to match Pacific counterparts

4:38 pm on 16 June 2016

A Tongan MP has proposed that MPs' salaries be boosted to match those of parliamentarians in Fiji and Samoa.

Ha'apai MP Vili Hingano told parliament that Samoan MPs get over 36 thousand US dollars and Tongans should get the same to reflect their work performance and work load.

Kaniva Pacific reports the MP said both Fiji and Samoa value the hard work and commitment the position required.

Mr Hingano says higher salaries could help reduce possible corruption.

He says the MPs could also used part of their salaries to help constituents.

Mr Hingano was advised to submit his motion to the Public Accounts Committee but MP Samiu Vaipulu says the Legislative Assembly could decide salaries.

Some other MPs raised their concerns about the motion saying the issue was sensitive and it should be handled with care to avoid public criticism.

The Tongan parliament buildings

The Tongan parliament buildings Photo: Tonga Parliament

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