29 Oct 2014

Fiji looks to NZ for salary decree alternative

5:12 pm on 29 October 2014

Fiji MPs are looking at how New Zealand sets MPs salaries after a controversial move by the new Frank Bainimarama led Government to set them by decree.

That decree, issued just three days before the new Parliament sat, granted Mr Bainimarama a 217 percent increase and his deputy Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum 197 percent increase.

A delegation of Fijian MPs is in New Zealand to study this country's parliamentary procedures and an MP with the opposition National Federation Party, Prem Singh, says hopefully the lessons learned will address issues like this.

"Most of our last seven years were by promulgation or by decree. As part of our tour here we would like to see the remunerations of the New Zealand Parliament and how it's done and so probably we can take back how the methodology to at least address that."

The Fiji Goverment's deputy whip, Sankit Patel, who is also in the delegation, says he has heard no complaints from MPs over their own salaries set by the decree.