8 Jun 2016

New Caledonian man admits to killing Deteix

1:16 pm on 8 June 2016

The man suspected of killing a senior official in New Caledonia at the weekend has reportedly confessed to the crime.

Noumea municipal police facade

Noumea municipal police facade Photo: RNZ

Public radio said the 20-year-old, who was arrested on Monday, admitted to killing Jean-Pierre Deteix, who was the vice-president's chief of staff.

The report said according to the suspect, he met Mr Deteix in Noumea and they went to the nudist beach where he rejected his sexual advances, killed him and stole his car.

Four others were also arrested for using and burning the stolen vehicle.

The killing has been widely condemned, with the French prime minister Manuel Valls expressing his shock.

Mr Deteix, who had arrived in the territory in 1969, had worked at the side of the pro-independence leader, Jean-Marie Tjibaou, and was a co-founder of Radio Djiido.

He had been the Socialist Party's campaign manager in New Caledonia for Francois Hollande's 2012 presidential election.