2 Apr 2016

Online training course for Pacific media launched

10:35 am on 2 April 2016

An online training course for Pacific journalists and media operators working in the region has been launched in Samoa.

A hand enters account details on a laptop (file)

A laptop Photo: TEK IMAGE / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / ABO / Science Photo Library

The Pasifika Media Association in Samoa, PASIMA, is the first media organisation to set up a journalism online training tool for the region.

The PasifikaTrainer course was a five year project according to the chairman of PASIMA and editor in chief of Samoa's only daily newspaper, Savea Sano Malifa.

The course is a robust training programme with modules covering a wide range of media and journalism topics, the course was designed to strengthen the capacity of regional media professionals, promote community media, and build organisational capacity to deliver online training to a broad range of Pacific media professionals.

Funding for the project came from the British High Commissioner's office in Solomon Islands and the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme, PACMAS.