29 Mar 2016

Five elections petitions by Samoa deadline

6:40 pm on 29 March 2016

Samoa's parliamentary speaker and four other MPs in the ruling HRPP party are facing corruption, bribery and treating allegations after this month's poll.

Temporary Samoa Parliament at Tuana'imato sport complex.

Temporary Samoa Parliament at Tuana'imato sport complex. Photo: RNZI Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

Five election petitions have been filed today at the end of the official 10 day period given under the electoral Act for petitions.

Newly elected parliamentary speaker, Leaupepe Toleafoa Faafisi is facing bribery and treating allegations from former ruling party MP, Aiono Tile Gafa.

Defeated Tautua Samoa party leader, Palusalue Faapo II, has challenged the winning MP for Safata Sisifo constituency, Le'ana Ronnie Posini, on the same allegations.

Newly appointed, associate minister for telecommunications and information technology and former Tautua Samoa party whip, Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi, is facing corrupt practices allegations in a case filed by a former MP, Ale Vena Ale.

Voters line up to have their say in Samoa's 2016 general election.

Voters line up to have their say in Samoa's 2016 general election. Photo: RNZI/Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

He has alleged more than 400 voters in the current Faleata i Sisifo constituency were not eligible to vote because they had not met the requirements of the Electoral Act.

The fourth petition on allegations of bribery and treating was from an unsuccessful candidate for Falelatai and Samatau constituency a former senior judge of the Lands and Titles court, Anae Misa Pita Anae.

His is against the re-elected MP, and associate minister for natural resources and environment, Taefu Lemi.

Polling station at Malifa school

Polling station at Malifa school Photo: RNZI/Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

The first election petition on bribery and treating was filed more than a week ago from the constituency of Alataua i Sisifo.

This was from unsuccessful candidate and former MP, Lafaitele Patrick Leiataualesa, against the elected woman MP, Aliimalemanu Alofa Tu'uau.

Chief executive of the ministry of justice, Papalii John Taimalelagi, said a date for all five cases to be heard for mention was yet to be finalized.

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