10 Mar 2016

Samoa vote buying allegations disappointing

4:52 pm on 10 March 2016

Samoa's acting electoral commissioner says it's disappointing to hear allegations of vote buying in the election.

The Tautua Samoa party's former leader, Palusalue Faapo II, blamed his party's defeat on vote buying through bribery and treating.

Electoral office in Mulinuu

Electoral office in Mulinuu Photo: RNZI/Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

The former leader said he and several other party members were considering an election petition.

The acting electoral commissioner, Faimalotumua Mathew Lemisio, said the office did a lot of work leading up to the elections telling people not to vote based on bribery.

He said it was a shame to hear of these allegations.

"It's pretty disappointing because not all voters voted based on a chicken box or $100 tala. I'm sure there is a lot of people who voted on their conscience and their free will. From an administrative perspective, we are not saying there is no corruption in the process, we always have to ask who is corrupt in the process."

Faimalotumua Mathew Lemisio, said once final results were made public, candidates would be required to file electoral petitions within 10 days, and any election allegations would now be dealt with by the courts.

The final election results are expected to be announced tomorrow afternoon.