24 Mar 2016

Drought hit Palau gets rain but not enough

3:26 pm on 24 March 2016

This week in Palau rain has fallen for the first time in months but it has not been enough to avert a serious water shortage.

The Palau Public Utilities Commission has lengthened water rationing for Koror and Airai states because the water situation is worsening.

Up to early this week, the water supply was turned off for up to 19 hours of each day.

The capital of Palau, Koror.

The capital of Palau, Koror. Photo: Binter via wikicommons

That has now been reduced further and the utility says the water levels on the Ngerikil River are not critical.

It says the latest extension of the water shutdown will save nearly a million litres.

Hotels guests have been asked to take short showers and turn off the tap while brushing teeth.