21 Mar 2016

School in Samoa reopens after brawls

2:36 pm on 21 March 2016

A school in Samoa has reopened today after the government ordered it closed temporarily last week following a student brawl.

Students from two other colleges were also involved in the violence and several students arrested.

It is understood the principals from the schools involved are today meeting with the education ministry and the police to find a way forward.

Samoa school violence

Samoa school violence Photo: Facebook: Video - Christopher Mafoe

The brawl involved students from Avele, Saint Joseph, and Faleata colleges.

Avele college was closed down last week by the Education Ministry for the protection and security of its students.

Last Wednesday, police arrested three students but more arrests were made after further brawls at the bus terminal behind the burnt flea market at Savalalo in the capital Apia.