16 Mar 2016

Niue internet domain manager says some grants stay

2:36 pm on 16 March 2016

The organisation which manages Niue's, (.nu), internet domain name says it will continue to provide some aid to the island from the profits.

The Internet Users Society of Niue's Per Darnell said it has had to reduce its support for the service provider on the island, Rocket Systems, prompting that company to bring in charges for WiFi access for the first time.

Mr Darnell said a recent proliferation of top level domains has made it difficult to compete.

But he said for some years IUSN has been giving grants to villages to cover the extra costs of wifi, and he says this will continue.

Rocket Systems, which said three quarters of Niue's internet users are its customers, is to charge for wifi access for the first time from next month.

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Photo: RNZ