9 Feb 2016

Presidential candidate says Kiribati wants change

9:33 am on 9 February 2016

Kiribati's opposition candidate for the presidential election expected next month says he's confident he has the support to lead a new government.

Taaneti Mamau is up against two other candidates from the long dominant Boutokaan Te Koaua, the BTK party.

All three candidates are expected to go 'head-to-head' next week in a public debate to be broadcast live on national radio.

Mr Mamau said people were excited about the chance to vote in a new president.

"We're confident that the number in the party doesn't really matter. It's the people's confidence and trust in their leader. I'm confident and I'm hoping that I'm the right ideal candidate to make a breakthrough."

The Electoral Commission is yet to announce dates for the presidential elections but unofficial reports say it is likely around 17 March.