Sport: Tonga Gov remain confident they can deliver Pacific Games

1:30 pm on 4 February 2016

The Tonga government says the public should have confidence that the country will be ready when it matters for hosting the 2019 Pacific Games.

A Papua New Guinea delegation flew home after spending four days in Nuku'alofa assessing the Kingdom's sporting facilities.

PNG, which hosted the 2015 Games, has offered to assist Tonga and will be involved in the refurbishment of the Teufaiva National Stadium.

China and New Zealand have also made significant financial contributions and Tonga's Sports Minister, Fe'ao Vakata, who chairs the facilities committee, said the venues will be delivered on time.

"There aren't that many big facilities that we're going to build. The major ones is the main stadium and Tonga High School - in which China is going to assist with - and now PNG is going to assist us with the main stadium. The other big one then is the golf course. The main stadium is the major one that we're looking at - now PNG's going to assist with it I think it will be ok."

Despite that assistance, there remains a funding shortfall and Fe'ao Vakata said they willl knock on doors and look at all other means required to cover the difference.